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  GZ Tianhe Office: Rm.1603 West Tower,Xingchen Building, 172 Huasui Rd., Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, China  
    Rm. 23A8L, 24 floor, DaXin Building 538 Dezhengbei Rd., Yuexiu District, Guangzhou  

SZ Futian Office: Rm.9D, Dangui Pavilion, Huamaoxin Garden, 7001 Honglixi Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen


    DG Nancheng Office: Rm. Rm. A1008 Bai An Center, First International Building Phase II, Yuan Mei Dong Rd., Nan Cheng District, Dongguan  
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Cucheng Service Group is a professional business consulting organization, the group is constituted by 6 companies, we are Guangzhou Cucheng Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Mainpoint Advertising Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhengyuan Certified Public Accountants, Guangzhou Zhengpeng Tax Agency, Shenzhen Yijie Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Hengde Management Consulting Co., Ltd.. We provide foreign investors quality one-stop business services, including company registration services, accounting services, bookkeeping services, Chinese VISA application, market research services etc.
We provide comprehensive business, accounting and taxation solutions. We are also a bridge between enterprises and governmental departments. Our service guideline is to provide one-stop service with high quality for our clients.
Company Registration Services:
◆  Design of investment schemes:
·We provide full explanations on local laws and policies.
·We help clients select appropriate sites according to their specific requirement.
·We help clients standardize the professional expression of business scope and design for registered capital.
· We provide analysis of both current and prospective investment instructions for comparative projects in China.
◆  Start-up Registration Service:
  We help clients to complete all steps to initiate an enterprise.
·Help design business strategy and prepare feasibility reports required for a new company.
·Help prepare the articles of association and contracts required for a new company.
·Help to apply for and obtain all relevant certificates of foreign-own company.
·Help to apply for and obtain all relevant certificates of representative office, domestic enterprises, other economic entities and social associations.
◆  Post-establishment Operation Tutorial:
·Modification procedures for equities swap, merger and acquisition, and capital increase.
·Renewal and extension for related certificates.
·Branch set-up and modification service.
·Perennial consultation on business operation.
·Consultation on formalities for customs declaration, import and export of equipment.
Entry Visas and Residence Services:
·We help foreigners apply for immigration approval and entry visas.
·We help foreigners apply for and obtain residence certificates.
·We help foreigners to apply for and obtain driving license.
Agent for Specialties Approvals:
·Registration for domestic or international brands.
·Application for sanitation permit, Liquor selling permit, medical equipment selling permit, environment protection permit and other special permits.
Accounting, Taxation and Financial Advisory:
·Book keeping & Tax filling service.
·Help to standardize the financial system and accounting system of enterprises.
·Annual tax planning and financial consultation.
·Help to apply for general tax payer.
·Declaration for income tax and export rebates.
·Tax penalty abatement.
Human Resources Services:
·Apply for and obtain work certificates for employees.
·Application and modification for insurance account of employee.
Annual Inspection Services:
·Annual inspection for foreign-invested enterprises and domestic companies.
·Annual inspection for other relevant certificates.
Auditing Services:
·Auditing for foreign-own enterprises, domestic enterprises and state-owned enterprises.
·Auditing for expenditure of representative office.
·Auditing for Liquidation or dismissal.
·Auditing for income tax or relevant tax.
·Auditing for special items.
Capital Verification and Assets Valuation:
·Provide capital verifying service for foreign-own enterprises and domestic enterprises.
·Provide special service to assets evaluation, including evaluation for assets transfer, liquidation clearance.
·Valuation for real estates, patents, brands names and other intangible assets.
Market Research, Credit Analysis Services:
·Market research.
·Competitors research.
·Credit analysis of enterprises.
·Provide comprehensive analysis of market strategies and help clients to make accurate investment decisions.
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