Agent for Registration of enterprise
The Dissolution of a Wholly Foreign-Owned Ente...
List of Docs for setting up a Rep-office
Analysis on Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise
The Analysis of Representative Office
Applying Resident Permit for Foreigner
Applying Invitation Letter
Apply for a working permission
Basic Info of Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise
Cases of Solely Foreign-invested Consulting Co...
Case of Foreign Invested Commerce Enterprise(F...
Policies and regulations Consultation
Implementation of Company Law Explained
Companies Law of the People¡¯s Republic of Chi...
An explanation of Legal Personality
China publishes rules regarding foreign firms'...
Highlights of China's top political advisory b...
Impacts of China's switch on foreign investmen...
Measures for the Administration on Foreign Inv...
Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investme...
Contract law of PRC
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Trademark application in China
Introduction to Trademark Registration Applic...
The qualification for applying ¡°Food Circulati...
Docs for applying ¡°Food Circulation Permit¡±
China established the food circulation permit ...
Measures for the Administration of Food Circul...
Download for Forms & Documents
Name inquiry form of foreign-own company
Name approval form of foreign-own company
Application form of increasing registered capi...
Application form of local tax
Application form of national tax
Application form of setting up Foreign-own Com...
Application form of Food Circulation Permit
Application form for Changing the company name
Application form of setting up a branch of WOFE
Sample of Articles of association of WOFE
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An Overview of Guangzhou Foreign Trade & Econ...
Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center
Top Attractions in Historic and Thriving Canton
Where do Foreigners Live in Guangzhou?
Turnover of 1st Phase of Canton Fair Exceed US...
The Safeguard of the Fair Trade
The Protection of Intellectual Property
Convenient Services for Government Affairs
Zhujiang New Town
Transportation in Guangzhou
Tax Consutation and Audit
Accounting Services for Foreign-own Enterprise
Tax Calculation of Representative Office
China's Tax System
Measures of China on Administration of Invoices
FIEs Now Liable for Urban Maintenance and Cons...
Wine Import Tax in China
Introduction of Enterprise Income Tax in China
Stamp Tax in China
Introduction of Business Tax (Sales Tax)
Consumption Tax in China